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5348 Vegas Dr STE 509
Las Vegas NV 89108 United States

Nett-Tell Is Based Out Of Las Vegas Nevada

April 21, 2015
If you work in Alaska and routinely make calls to your family back in Washington, or live in Florida but frequently make calls to friends in Louisiana, then you know long-distance calls are not cheap these days. The fees from traditional land-line phones can pile up quickly and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired as well. If you want to be done with land-lines and switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol, better known as VOIP, then consider calling 1-888-975-8942. This will put you in touch with the Las Vegas office of Nett-Tell, a company that offers high quality VOIP technology to customers. If you have an Internet connection and a VOIP phone or adapter, then you can use VOIP and cancel or stop using your traditional phone line.

Nett-Tell is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, but provides excellent customer services to individuals and families all over the United States. Nett-Tell also offers a risk-free trial for the first month, so you can be sure that they believe in their product.